Ubuntu or Debian linux - utilities to monitor fan, temperature, speed

Another reason to use open source software. If you have just got yourself a Dell laptop and want to monitor the system fan, temperature, processor speed & other stuff, you're in luck. The open source community have come out with a piece of excellent utility to do the job. Better, the utility is able to control the fan speed. Means, you can set it to spin maximum or even off it. Here's how to do it :

- to install it, run :
apt-get install i8kutils

- after the installation, run the below line for the first time :
modprobe i8k

- to have it start automatically, insert the word "i8k" into /etc/modules file.

- use the utility "i8kctl" to set or view various settings on it.

- to have it display the fan spinning speed on the desktop, use "gkrellm".

Adios !!!

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