Linux - system & various devices status information on desktop

System Admins like to monitor stuff. CUP, memory, network interface card, hard disk & etc. It would be better if the skin can be change. Of cause, since it is going to on it on the desktop most of the time, it should be light in resources. Plug in support is a must, to extend the monitoring functions & area. gkrellm is the answer.

On Debian / Ubuntu :
1. install it by :
apt-get install gkrellm

2. Start the the program gkrellm <-- by now, it should display various devices status information on Desktop

3. On gkrellm, either press F1 or right click on window title bar then click on configuration to customize it.

4. For additional plugin packages, use :
apt-cache search gkrellm
to find out more plugins that come with Debian & Ubuntu.

Hasta la vista !!!

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