FreeBSD - Nostalgic versions of FreeBSD

Was searching for archived versions of FreeBSD 4.11 and found this link through one of the README.TXT in the usual mirror ftp servers of FreeBSD.

Archive or old version of FreeBSD can be download from here :


Namaste !!!


FreeBSD - Fun in typo for listing directory

Stumble across this port while doing some research. Go ahead and install it :

cd /usr/ports/games/sl
make install clean

Now, suppose we're gonna type "ls" for listing directory contains, but fat fingers make us type "sl" instead. After installing the port, try typing "sl" to list in the commandline and interesting stuff happens !

Misspelling directory listing ("ls") is never gonna be the same again ... :p

Shalom !!!


FreeBSD - Another example why dotcom servers choose FreeBSD

1 million concurrent TCP session, what kind of app need this???

Is WhatsApp :D

Over the past few months we have been making a lot of improvements to our servers to increase the performance, uptime and scalability. Today we have tuned some knobs, shifted some traffic around and achieved 1 million established tcp sessions on a single machine (and with memory and cpu to spare!)

$ netstat -an | grep -c EST

We are extremly proud of this achievement and wanted to share with other tech minded people out there. For those curious how we did it, the technology on the backend is simple: FreeBSD + Erlang

Taken from here.

Ciao !!!


FreeBSD - PHPMyAdmin Error on initial setup

After the first time installation of FAMP (FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL & PHP) with PHPMyAdmin, an error message pops out when visiting PHPMyAdmin's page. The error message goes like this :

Fatal error: Class 'ArrayObject' not found in /usr/local/www/phpMyAdmin/libraries/List.class.php on line 16

This is because the "ArrayObject" class is not enable in the required libraries and it can be solve by setup the proper parameters in php.ini. The recommended php.ini that comes with ports is sufficient to solve this problem. For my case, copying the recommended php.ini solve it. Here it goes :