Book review - Absolute OpenBSD 2nd Edition

If you're following BSD related news, you probably would have know about Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd Edition. The author is Michael W. Lucas, well known for fantastic technical books (Absolute FreeBSD, Network Flow Analysis, SSH Mastery, DNSSEC Mastery & others ). A while ago, I got hold of this book, Absolute OpenBSD 2nd Edition (in short, AO2E), and spent some time on it. These are my findings, it may not be the whole truth but it is definitely how I understand it.


Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd Edition - Book auctioning

By now, everyone living in the BSD world would have known that Michael W. Lucas new book on OpenBSD is going to be release soon. By soon, I mean there's a couple of weeks more to go. If you have been following Michael's blog or read his technical books, you would probably have a taste of his writing style. Which suits my taste a lot.

Michael is auctioning "a" copy of Absolute OpenBSD, 2nd Edition book, with all proceedings going to OpenBSD Foundation. The OpenBSD Foundation pay bills so that the project continue to shine.

If you have a few spare zeroes in your bank account and really want,

- the very first copy of Michael's book, with all the proofs
- or, to show how much love you have for OpenBSD
- or, to redeem the guilt of ripping off OpenBSD for all these happy years of using it

move your mouse over to "Place bid" and press it at the auctioning page. The money you pay for the "clicks" & the book, will go into funding of making OpenBSD better. Not to forget the bragging rights of owning the very first copy of Absolute OpenBSD (2nd Edition) with "Certificate of Authenticity" that Michael promised to put on it.

Okay, if you don't have that much zeroes in your bank account and would really like to have a copy of the book (not the shiny first copy though), you can still do a bit for the OpenBSD project. Get the book from OpenBSD website and some of the money will go into making OpenBSD better.

Au revoir !!!