Fluxbox - mouse left click not working after ~/.fluxbox/keys modified

Fluxbox is a extremely lightweight window manager that not only require little resource (compare to the resouce monsters KDE & GNOME), it also allow one to customize almost every aspect of it. It also allow changes on skin to reflect a much more customized desktop interface. Due to its nature, customization on it is quite straight forward. All the config files are stored at ~/.fluxbox/ directory. Fluxbox also have its own wiki which list every aspect of its feature customizable.

After editing the config files at ~/.fluxbox/, one just need to right click on the desktop (any empty space) and click on "Restart". It will re-launch the desktop and the changes are present. But on fluxbox version 1.0.0, after editing the keys config files at ~/.fluxbox/keys, the left click of the mouse stop working.

No worries, there seems to be a bug on it (IMO) :
~/.fluxbox/keys shows :
None Mouse1top :HideMenus
None Mouse2top :WorkspaceMenu
None Mouse3top :RootMenu
None Mouse4top :NextWorkspace
None Mouse5top :PrevWorkspace
change it to :
OnDesktop Mouse1top :HideMenus
OnDesktop Mouse2top :WorkspaceMenu
OnDesktop Mouse3top :RootMenu
OnDesktop Mouse4top :NextWorkspace
OnDesktop Mouse5top :PrevWorkspace

Re-launch fluxbox by right click on the desktop and click on "Restart".

Voilla !!!

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