Fluxbox - assign custom buttons for various program / operation in fluxbox

After some brief hiccups on fluxbox customization, some of you might be asking how to bind those volume keys (or other keys of that matter) into fluxbox. Wait no more, here it is :

step 1 : use :
to identify the "keycode"
keycode 121 is for mute key
keycode 122 is for volume decrease key
keycode 121 is for volume increase key

step 2 : assign key to volume operation in ~/.fluxbox/keys
None 121 :ExecCommand /usr/bin/amixer sset Master,0 toggle

None 122 :ExecCommand /usr/bin/amixer sset Master,0 5%-

None 123 :ExecCommand /usr/bin/amixer sset Master,0 5%+

Step 3 : re-launch fluxbox by right click any empty space in desktop and click on "Restart".

Voilla !!!

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