rsync - transfer rate limit aka "slow it down"

rsync is a great tool. For archiving, copying & of cause syncing. It's able to copy to destination and maintain the same permission (-a), be verbose (-v), show the progress bar (--progress), log the process (--log-file=logfilename) & etc. But there are times when rsync is running on a slow connection, over a big set of files. You're in luck, rsync support rate limit. Although it is rate limiting the I/O bandwidth, it is useful enough for us to pump the data onto the pipe with the speed we want.

Parameter :
--bwlimit=KBPS <-- limit I/O bandwidth; KBytes per second

rsync -av --progress --log-file=./progress.log --bwlimit=10000 /source/directory /destination/directory

Hasta la vista !!!

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