Subversion - How to use svn to manage source files

The "svn" command stands for Subversion. Subversion is commonly use to manage revisions of source files, e.g. configuration files & program source code. Subversion keeps revision what of have been change or committed into the repository. This is good when we accidentally change the source code and needs to roll back to the previous changes. It is also good for managing configuration files (e.g. /etc, /usr/local/etc) on servers as it provides revision control. We can roll back to the last working condition if we screw something up. :p

Here's how to start using svn to manage source files, for the first time :


FreeBSD - Quick setup of SAMBA file sharing server

Samba is a service that provides file sharing across BSD & Linux, that includes FreeBSD. Implementing Samba at the server allows maximum compatibility on file sharing across mac OSX, linux, BSD & other operating system. This post shows a quick & dirty way of installing & setting up Samba file server on FreeBSD.


PC-BSD - How to stop KDE to load during startup

I just screwed up my PC-BSD desktop. :(

In order to fix it, the desktop needs to go into console mode every time it boots because X11 and other stuff doesn't work anymore. This is how to stop KDE from loading during start up :


FreeBSD - How to watermark image or picture using command line

Watermark is a technique to impose image or words using light shades. Digital watermark on image is use for the purpose of copyrights, comments or notices. Watermark image can be accomplish using tools from Image Magick suite of programs.

Firstly, install the ImageMagick port using portmanager :
portmanager graphics/ImageMagick -l