telnet - using telnet to test email server or send email (smtp pop 25) using telnet

telnet is a Swiss army knife for troubleshooting layer 7 application problem, especially useful on smtp & pop3 protocol.

Scenario 1 :
to test is our domain is being block by recipient domain, using telnet on our email server to send email on recipient email server.

Scenario 2 :
a quick test on error occurs sending email, using email client, such as thunderbird, apple mail, opera mail & others, using telnet.

Sample of using telnet to send email :
telnet smtp.domain.my 25

helo local-host-name

mail from:sender@domain.com

rcpt to:recipient@domain.com


Type the content upon a new line after the previous command. End the "data" session by only put a dot (.)
at the newline

Voilla !!!

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