Scratch of the day - Back dated date

Did some sysctl tuning and need to monitor the log file every "yesterday". This is what I've managed to split out from "strftime" manual (via "date") :
# date
Fri Dec 30 09:59:27 MYT 2011

# date -v -1d +%b\ %Oe
Dec 29

With this, make cron send me an email with filtered entries of /var/log/messages :
1 1 * * * grep "`date -v -1d +\%b\ \%Oe`" /var/log/messages | mail -s "Yesterday ..." root@example.com

See ya !!!


FreeBSD Foundation - 2011 Year End Fundraising Campaign

Another year is passing and the season of giving is coming !!!

This year, the FreeBSD Foundation is targeting to raise 400k. These funds will be put into the good use of FreeBSD related activities :

  • sponsor BSD conferences & events
  • sponsor developers to attend these conferences
  • protect the intellectual property of the FreeBSD project
  • marketing of FreeBSD project
  • hardware procurement for FreeBSD infrastructure
  • R & D to enhance the FreeBSD OS

(via here)

If you find that using FreeBSD is fun & useful, please donate to the foundation. Donating to the FreeBSD Foundation is the most effective way to promote & sponsor this wonderful OS. Plus, having your name on the donation list does draw some "feel good" feeling. :)

By the way, all it takes for your name to appear in the donation list is just mere USD 5. Click on this link to DONATE.

Adios !!!