FreeBSD - How to get information on hardware details

Platform :

Purpose :
Print out information about hardware, e.g. CPU, memory, network card & etc

Command :

Installation :
  • using portmanager
    portmanager sysutils/sysinfo -l
  • using portupgrade
    portupgrade -Nv sysutils/sysinfo
  • using ports, conventionally
    cd /usr/ports/sysutils/sysinfo
    make install clean

Switches :

biosBIOS information
cpuCPU details
memMemory details
miscMiscellaneous information
networkNetwork related details
osOperating system details
packagesInformation about installed packages
servicesInformation about system services
storageDetails about storage system
systemSystem information (hardware related)
userUser related information

Example :
  • display information about CPU
    sysinfo cpu
  • display information about ram (both physical & swap)
    sysinfo mem
  • display multiple hardware info
    sysinfo cpu mem

Shalom !!!


Francisco Reyes said...

In the standard port version it should have been:

cd /usr/ports/sysutils/sysinfo

PsyberMonkey said...

Francisco, thanks for the heads up. Post corrected :)