OS X - Screen appear blur and only center part seems clear

One fine day, when I turn on my mac, suddenly everything on the display seems blur. Only the center part of the screen display is clear & sharp (like normal). It almost seems like it is a display card problem. But reluctant to make this an excuse to change my mac (:p), I check out the system preferences. And I noticed that there's a zoom function at "Universal Access". Just trying my luck to turn off using "apple key + alt + 8", the display looks fine again!

Playing around with it and the below is what found out :

apple key + alt then 8
zoom inapple key + alt then = (the symbol)
zoom outapple key + alt then - (the symbol)

Another interesting finding, the display colors can be inverted (white becomes black),

Display inverted
apple key + alt + ctrl then 8

This can increase readability because of the sharpness.

That's all for now,
Das Vidanya !!!

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