Freebsd - How to install FreeBSD as your Desktop

UPDATE : After testing PC-BSD for a while (more then 6 months), PC-BSD indeed is a FreeBSD variant that is superior in Desktop environment. Its user friendly installation and configuration have make FreeBSD so much more suitable running as an Desktop. Unless you're interested in figuring out how to tweak and turn FreeBSD to work in a Desktop, give PC-BSD a try, you'll love it!
Check it out at PC-BSD website !!!

PsyberMonkey is turning his desktop to FreeBSD and this is the work he has done :-

1. FreeBSD quick install guide (aka How to install FreeBSD).

2. make sure hardware are detected properly
  • How to install or add sound card driver module
  • wireless (how to still in progress)
  • ACPI (still having trouble making it work)
  • remote control through SSH (how to still in progress)
  • all others e.g. external drive formatted in FAT32, display card, track pad, external mouse, gigabit network card & etc are detected and function properly.

3. Using ports to install software - go to Section III.

4. Getting KDE, GNOME and XFCE up and running (how to still in progress)
Other miscellaneous stuff :

This post will be updated periodically to reflect the progress of using FreeBSD as a Desktop.

Adios !!!

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