OSX - How to maximize window using keyboard shortcut

By default, OSX does not comes with a shortcut, though there's a function for it. To make use of it, we'll need to assign a keyboard shortcut key to maximize or un-maximize window.

Here's how to do it :
  1. Open the "System Preferences"
  2. Under the "Hardware" section, click on "Keyboard"
  3. Next, click on "Keyboard Shortcuts" then "Application Shortcuts" (on the left hand box)
  4. Add a shortcut key by clicking on "+" symbol, on the bottom of the right hand box
  5. At the next dialog box, choose "All Applications" for "Application:"
  6. In the "Menu Title :" column, type in "Zoom"
  7. Click on the next column, "Keyboard Shortcut:", then press your preferred keyboard shortcut.
    E.g. Control + Option + Command + m (you didn't read wrongly, is 4 keys there :p)

    *** Avoid popular shortcut key, e.g. Command + v

Now, open an application and try the new keyboard shortcut key. Press the first time for maximized and the second time to return the previous size.

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Spanky Quigman said...

Great tip, thanks for posting!

Ghiro said...

cheers for the tip... I also borrowed the shortcut itself... ^_^

Unknown said...

It works to 'Zoom' (i.e. usually maximise vertically)
There's discussions on this in multiple forums, and has something to do with Apple's choice to optimise based on screen content.
Basically this results in the behaviour where
-if the text in its current font size is visible, do vertical scale....

If you want it to be 'Maximize' (like in Windows)
-- First .... use spread gesture to have text 'drop off the side'
-- Then use green 'diamond' or shortcut

Effect: Windows-like fullscreen, with text resized to fit for readability.

Unknown said...

Thanks works perfectly!

Emily Ann Ward said...

Thanks, this worked great!

kristofer said...

Thanks, just what I was looking for :-)

skullquake said...

waste of time, just install term and press cmd-enter