BlackBerry - Quite a smart phone

BlackBerry is a smartphone that aims not only business user, but also casual user that wanna connect to people. The rich social application that comes with BlackBerry encourages frequent communication between people, through various channels. e.g. :
  • BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is another kind of messenger that is capable of transmitting picture, sound, file or even GPS location to contact list.
  • twitter client
  • push email (with gmail, is more addictive then sms)
  • GPS map with integration into the above mentioned services

Since BlackBerry is a Smart Phone, it has the usual PIM (Personal information management) applications. e.g.

  • calendaring (calendar)
  • contact manager (contacts)
  • notepad (memo)
  • task list (tasks)
  • password manager (password keeper)
  • alarm clock (clock)

As for the hardware, the superb keyboard layout ease the frequent typing.

Another note, even though with all the services turn on 24 hours & frequent usage, the battery life can still last > 5 days. Remarkable!

If these features aren't enough, Google applications are also available (waiting to be install) on blackberry also.

There will be a few post talking about BlackBerry smartphone, in the days coming. This post will be updated to provide a central place listing the BlackBerry smartphone post on this blog.

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