BlackBerry - Multi alarm clock application on BlackBerry

Like most of the mobile users, I use my blackberry phone as an alarm clock. But the alarm clock application that comes with it only allow to have one alarm entry at a time. Which is not enough for my lifestyle.

I did thought of using the calendar reminder as alarm clock but that would disrupt my daily todo stuff & meeting reminder ringtone. Multiple alarm clock entry is a simple and yet important function, how can RIM (Research In Motion) forget it?

After some meddling with the phone, I concluded RIM did not overlook this function. But rather, it "hides" it in a app that I've all the while never think of.

This is how to set multiple entry alarm clock on a blackberry phone :

  1. Start the Calendar application
  2. Press the menu key*** to bring up the menu
  3. Choose new alarm

***The menu key logo is like the picture at the beginning of this post, the 7 white "dots".

After setting the first, try to set the second, and you'll notice both entry can reside in the same day. Best of all, the alarm will ring off even we set the profile to "All Alerts Off"!

By the way, this works on Blackberry OS 5. Please do leave a comment if other version works too.

Sayonara !!!


Roti Ginger said...

it works fine on my BB too! thanks.

progress.proceed said...

thank you so much! ha i was getting so frusterated switching the alarm so many times