FreeBSD - Make ports not to include X11 or GUI related library

FreeBSD is an excellent operating system, be it on a Desktop (PC-BSD) or Server. Its stability and flexibility was never an issue, nor even software availability (21135 ports currently available to deploy).

Most of the time, ports will install the necessary dependencies to fulfill its requirement. But certain ports installs the X11 (X window system) libraries. Which we don't need it if the installation is meant to run on a server environment.

In this case, we will need to tell ports not to include the X11 libraries. This will certainly save some hard disk space, compilation time and avoid unnecessary security vulnerabilities.

Here is how to specify NOT to include X11 related libraries during ports installation :
Insert the lines below into /etc/make.conf :

and proceed to install the ports either using the conventional way of "cd /usr/ports/ ; make; make install; make clean" or using portmanager.

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