Perl - How to install CPAN module, the easier way

Following IronMan Challenge posts not only for the sake of seeing What Color of Hair & Shirt ends up with Matt but the posts have been much enlightening. Recently in IronMan Challenge, there's been much talk about one of Miyagawa's project, App::cpanminus. Basically, cpanminus is a tool to install perl module from CPAN, without the verbosity of cpan|cpanplus, which also means, more newbie friendly. :)

The beauty of cpanminus is, it does not ask dozens of question before it installs. Instead, cpanminus will use the most suitable defaults & start downloading dependencies and install it. By default, cpanminus will not tell every action and result on the screen, which "scare" less.

In short, cpanminus improves or makes perfect the experience of installing modules from CPAN. Since the first time trying cpanminus, love it and loving it more seems inescapable :p

*** Some assumptions, perl 5.8 at least exist.

Enough talking, here's how to install cpanminus :
mkdir ~/bin;cd ~/bin
wget http://xrl.us/cpanm
chmod +x cpanm

How to install a module from CPAN :

  1. cpanm Acme::Time::Baby
  2. Done

Waiting for more steps? Sorry to disappoint, that's all it takes to install and start using cpanminus. :)

Adios !!!