Gimp - How to convert background of logo or picture into transparency

Gimp stands for "GNU Image Manipulation Program", which is an open source image editing problem. It's capability often compare to professional software but fortunately, Gimp acceptance as Pro image editing software is getting better. Even so, Gimp is still popular among beginner up to hobbyist user.

Gimp's available on multiple platform and since it is open source, you can bet it's available on BSDs.

This post will brief through how to transform a logo or picture to transparent background, suitable for dark or colored web page background.
  1. Select the area to convert to transparency :
    • Open the image
    • Enlarge the image so that it is easy to click on small white space
    • Use "Fuzzy Select" from "Tools --> Selection Tools" and click on the background so that it auto de-select the object
    • To select multiple area, press on the shift key then click on multiple background
  2. convert the background to transparency
    • After selecting the background, "Add Alpha Channel" from "Layer --> Transparency".
    • Then, "Clear" (from the "Edit" menu) the background.
    • Save the file as type PNG and tick the box "Save colour values from transparent pixels"

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