FreeBSD - Updated device names in new GENERIC kernels

This just caught my attention. There's some changes in device naming convention for the latest GENERIC kernel, that comes with default installations of FreeBSD.

An abstract (via) :
The GENERIC kernels for all architectures now default to the new
CAM-based ATA stack. It means that all legacy ATA drivers were
removed and replaced by respective CAM drivers. If you are using
ATA device names in /etc/fstab or other places, make sure to update
them respectively (adX -> adaY, acdX -> cdY, afdX -> daY, astX -> saY,
where 'Y's are the sequential numbers starting from zero for each type
in order of detection, unless configured otherwise with tunables,
see cam(4)).

For more feeds on these, check out http://updating.versia.com/.

Ciao !!!

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