FreeBSD Foundation - It doesn't cost as much as you think

I haven't been updating this blog for a while. Have been busy with some stuff in perl, time management & my job. Even so, I refuse to forget about donating to FreeBSD Foundation. The FreeBSD OS is part of my daily activities, from desktop to server. Even my future job is going to deal with FreeBSD, daily & heavily (happily).

Donations to the FreeBSD Foundation ensures that the foundation can have more resource to fund projects around FreeBSD. With funding, features & upgrades can be speed up. One of the project that the foundation have funded, "Resource Containers Project", is to enable FreeBSD Jail to implement resource containers and a simple per-jail resource limits mechanism.

The foundation also give out grants to hold BSD Conferences (BSDCan, AsiaBSD, MeetBSD, EuroBSD & others). These conferences gathers FreeBSD developers & users around the world to meet & discuss the current & future of BSD. IMHO, this cultures the community to continue develop & invites more participation into the FreeBSD project.

The FreeBSD Foundation also holds & acts on behave of any legal issue regarding FreeBSD, making FreeBSD out of the reach from evil hands. Though the mascot is Beastie :p

The foundation also make sure that proper infrastructure are in place to facilitate development & distribution of FreeBSD. Servers hardware & internet bandwidth aren't free and certainly, they aren't cheap.

If you think donation is expensive or a large sum of money, try visiting the donors list. The donation starts from $1, very minimal. Anyone can donate. By skipping something (food, gadgets, cloths or anything) in your life, you can easily contribute to FreeBSD. This minor skipping in your life can be significant in FreeBSD development, your favorite OS. I've not even started the "good feeling" after the donation.

This forum post shows how important to donate to the FreeBSD Foundation. Donation doesn't only emphasize on the amount but also the participation. This is another way to save some money if you're thinking of donating.

In short, FreeBSD is a great OS. If you want to see this great OS grow healthily & happily, donate. It doesn't cost as much as you think.

I've donated(this year), have you?

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