Blackberry - Really Simple Syndication (RSS) reader

Having RSS (Really Simple Syndication) on the blackberry is a good way to kill time while waiting, especially during traffic jam or on the train. RSS reader applications generally needs to purchase. A good one might cost a extra few bucks.

But luckily there's Viigo, a RSS content delivery application that runs on blackberry. Viigo has all the feature I need, being a RSS reader that is light & free. It also comes with some other features that can get you more addictive to blackberry.

To name a few :

  • Add custom URL for additional website RSS
  • Fast & simple UI (User Interface)
  • Customizable value on RSS fetch frequency
  • Extremely good choices of default RSS channels.
    e.g. Reuters, CNN, BBC, Fox, CNet, Yahoo, Weather, Sport, Entertainment(gossips??? :p) & international news from US, UK, Asia and blah blah blah

Viigo can be download and install by visiting http://getviigo.com using blackberry internet browser. Go get it, it is a fantastic RSS reader.

Afsked !!!

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