WordPress - wp-cache plugin not working

WordPress plugin wp-cache is a plugin that caches the WordPress post the first time when someone visits it then it uses the cache next time when the same post needs to load again. This saves processing power and also improves user experience as WordPress posts are loaded faster.

For some reason, wp-cache stop working. The "Cache contents" in WP-Cache Manager (accessible from Settings --> WP-Cache) shows both "cached pages" and "expired pages" are "0" (zero) all the time.

The fix is :
  1. Clear the symbolic link "advanced-cache.php" in "/<wordpress directory>/wp-content/".
  2. Disable the plugin.
  3. Press the button "Restore default configuration" in WP-Cache Manager page.
  4. Enable the plugin.
  5. Reload any of the WordPress Post and check the column "cached pages" in WP-Cache Manager. The number "0" should increase to at least 1.

Voilla !!!

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