Wordpress - insert blank line

Having WYSIWYG in wordpress is definitely a great plus for bloggers. At least myself don't have to mess with the codes. Bold, italic, image insert & other stuff. Except 1 thing, whenever an enter is pressed (create a new line or \n), it just doesn't save it. After re-visit the WYSIWYG editor, the new line is gone, vaporized, missing, not there.

Problem :
Trying to insert new (/n) or blank line in wordpress. Tried < br /> and &nbsp and it still does not work.

Solution :
In HTML mode, do a,
< code >< br / >< /code >
(take note that there should NOT any space after "<" and before ">").

After posting, It might appear :
< code >  < /code >

Ignore it, it is fine.

Ciao !!! :)

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