Apple mac OS X tiger 10.4 isync plugin for nokia E71 & E63

Just bought a Nokia E series smart phone that runs symbian OS. It is able to sync with Apple mac OS X 10.4 tiger isync & ical application. But during the isync with nokia E71 or E63, it complain about not recognizing the new nokia E63 or nokia E71? No worries, it is just a few click away to download the driver for it. (Surprisingly nokia-asia.com does not have the driver, but europe.nokia.com has it)

Problem :
iSync does not recognize nokia E63 or nokia E71 after "Add Device" to sync, using bluetooth.

Solution :
Download the driver (free) from Nokia Europe (wonder why nokia-asia.com does not have it).
- go to Nokia Europe
- choose the correct nokia phone model
- click on the green "Download" button below
- install it and start iSync

Chaow !!!

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