FreeBSD - Behold, The Great Committer

Please don't scroll pass this post. This urgent & definitely needs your attention :
FreeBSD has always been something of a meritocracy, where the respect given to committers is directly proportional to the amount and quality of code they commit. This is tracked in the commit statistics. For many years, Poul-Henning Kamp (phk@) was the undisputed leader, but in 2010 his total was exceeded by relative newcomer John Baldwin (jhb@). Baldwin’s commits show no sign of slowing, and if he continues at this pace, he will soon overtake the combined totals of Foundation President Robert Watson and embedded emeritus Warner Losh.

Oh ya, make sure you have a mattress or you're stepping on a soft ground before you get hurt. Read on more here !!!

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Michael W Lucas said...

Nobody need fear being hurt by this.

Unless, of course, they displease TGC. Then it's only what they deserve.