How to change the login screen banner

The previous tip was about change the banner after login. This tip, however, was to change the banner of the login prompt aka pre-login message.

The file to change is /etc/issue. It also support escape codes to display some additional info :
\b = Insert the baudrate of the current line.
\d = Insert the current date.
\s = Insert the system name, the name of the operating system.
\l = Insert the name of the current tty line.
\m = Insert the architecture identifier of the machine, eg. i486
\n = Insert  the nodename of the machine, also known as the hostname.
\o = Insert the NIS domainname of the machine.
\O = Insert the DNS domainname of the machine.
\r = Insert the release number of the OS, eg. 1.1.9.
\t = Insert the current time.
\u = Insert the number of current users logged in.
\U = Insert the string “1 user” or “<n> users” where <n> is the number of users login.

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